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GridTrak - PHzSensor Model 10

PHzSensor 90716b Final 1.JPG



Sensor Model 10

  • Measures the Frequency of Every Cycle
    • 1/24,000,000 Second Resolution = Frequency Measurement Precision of 6 Significant Digits or +/- 0.00015 Hz
    • Frequency Measurement at 2.5V Reference
    • Frequency Measurement at Zero Crossing
    • Zero Crossing Delta Measurement = Time Between +2.5V to -2.5V (used to calculate Vp Amplitude)
  • Measures SynchroPhasors at Specified Intervals
    • PPS (Pulse Per Second, GPS) Synchronization on an External Interrupt Pin
    • Host syncrhonization
  • Internal EEPROM Stored Configuration
  • For Control Output Set Points for Red/Green LED Indicator
  • Synchronized Data Transmission of Every Sample Using RS232 in Streaming or Demand Text or Binary Data Modes at 115200 bps
    • Options for Streaming Text or IEEE C37.118-2005 binary output.



  • Displays Data in a Console
  • Logs to CSV Files
  • Transmits Data to a Web Service
  • Transmits Data as URL Encoded for HTTP Protocol
  • Transmits Data Using IEEE C37.118 binary format
  • Saves and Updates Sensor Configuration
  • Integrates with openPDC - Phasor Data Concentrator

GridTrak Application

  • Same Features as the GridTrak_Relay
  • Windows Application
  • Displays Data in a Charts
    • Live Data Chart
    • Historic Data Chart with Play Back
    • Charts Local Data with Remote PMUs using the GridTrak Service

GridTrak PHzSensor Model 10 Work in Progress

Updated Feb 4, 2011

Project Files

Version 10.000, June 17, 2010

Note: The Model 10 uses the Model 9 PCB. The external 24LC1024 EPPROM needs to be removed from its socket for use with the firmware for the PHzSensor Model 10.

Project Figures

Schematic: PHzSensor 10 Schematic.bmp ver 10.0 (9.07 to 9.100 with 24LC1024 removed)
ExpressPCB Layout 9.0716.a: PHzSensor 9B a PCB.bmp
ExpressPCB Finished PCB Board Versionj 9.0716.b: PHzModel9 PCB 90716b.JPG

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