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The following organizations contributed technical support, product samples, and important feedback for the PHzMonitor project.

Alphabetical Listing


The above companies significantly contributed to the PHzMonitor project and made the project possible. However, the above companies, with exception of MultiAxisMotion, are not directly associated or involved with the PHzMonitor project itself. MultiAxisMotion holds the PHzMonitor Models 1 through 8 project copyrights. PHzMonitor holds the Model 9 and 10 project copyrights. Circuit Cellar and Microchip hold publication rights for PHzMonitor Model #2 presented as contest entry MT2227. Circuit Cellar magazine holds publication rights for Models 8 and 9 as published in October 2009 #231 issue.

For more information, or to contribute technology or samples for the PHzMonitor project, contact:

Arnold Stadlin
121 W. Earleigh Heights Rd.
Severna Park, MD 21146
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