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openPDC - Phasor Data Concentrator

GridTrak to openPDC Integration Issues

  • 1. Device Configuration using IEEE C37.118-2005 commands. What needs to be done to implement custom configuration commands?
  • 2. Host synchronization needs to be implemented using a IEEE C37.118-2005 command. The Host Sync command needs to transmit the SOC to the PHzSensor and GridTrak PMU devices.

-    2.A. Host Sync is used when no GPS PPS is available. The Host PC is the time source. Should be NIST Synchronized.
-    2.B. The PHzSensor and GridTrak PMU can increment the SOC. They only know the FRACSEC after the PPS.

  • 3. The PHzSensor and GridTrak PMU can report which synchronization mode generated the last PPS for Time Quality.

-    3.A. Last PPS was a GPS Pulse on INT0 = Best Time Quality
-    3.B. Last PPS was a Host Sync command = Quality depends on PC Host Synchronization with to a time standard.
-    3.C. Last PPS was the micro controller's timer = Quality depends on above and the micro controller's oscillator precision.
-    Note: The micro controller timer mode is used between Host Sync commands and in the event of GPS signal loss.

GridTrak PMU Connection Tests

Update June 17, 2010

  • IEEE C37.118-2005 Compliance Testing using the openPDC PMU Connection Tester

PHzSensor Model 10

Header Test

PMU Header Test.png

Configuration 1 Test

PMU Config 1 Test.png

Real Time Data Test

  June 18, 2010
PMU Connection Tester RealTime Data.png


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