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  • This is a Research and Development wiki. So all information that this wiki presents is considered non-private.
  • This system is MediaWiki software running on a dedicated server, has features for maintaining user accounts and account information. The account information saved in this wiki is retained permanently within the scope of this wiki. Account information is not exported or used in other systems.
  • Please do not store any information in this wiki or your wiki account that you consider private. In other words, if you have an unlisted phone number, do not include it in your wiki account. If your home or work address is posted and publicly available on other Internet sites, then it is OK to store it in your wiki account or your profile page.
  • This wiki has experienced attacks by vandals, hackers, and automated scanbots.
  • Due to this abuse, anonymous accounts are no longer allowed. If you want an account on this wiki to contribute or discuss content, send an email requesting this to
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