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Nov 3, 2010


GridTrak Project

The primary focus of the GridTrak project is to develop a simple, inexpensive method and products for measuring and observing SynchroPhasors using the GridTrak sensor. The GridTrak SynchroPhasor PMU (Phasor Measuring Unit) is an evolution to the PHzMonitor Frequency sensor and host software. The GridTrak sensors and software may be purchased for a nominal cost when they become available in the fall 2010. The GridTrak project will be published and become open source in the summer of 2011.

The GridTrak system at this time should only be used for monitoring, research, and development. The GridTrak system is not certified for grid control applications.

  • Please Note: The GridTrak is currently an independent Research and Development Project and not directly affiliated and not to be confused with the NASPI - The Source for SynchroPhasor Information.

This is Work In Progress - Feedback Welcome!

  • Official Project Start: Jan 1, 2010
  • Estimated Release of PHzMonitor Frequency Sensor to SynchroPhasor Firmware Upgrade: Oct 2010
  • Estimated Release of GridTrak Products: Jan 2011
  • Estimated Release of "openPMU" hardware and software for integration with openPDC: June 2011 (or possibly earlier)

GridTrak Hardware

Updated Jan 20, 2011

  • The first GridTrak PMU sensors are currently available and are implemented as firmware and software update to the PHzMonitor Frequency Sensors. The upgraded sensors are designated PHzSensor Model 10. The sensors may be synchronized to a host PC clock or to a PPS input to the micro controller's INT0 pin. The quality of time synchronization will be limited by the accuracy and precision of the host PC's synchronization with an NIST NTP Time Server. The PHzSensor Model 10 with a GPS PPS, uses the host PC's last UTC second for the PPS time stamp value.
  • The next generation GridTrak sensors (available Jan 2011) include PPS and RS232 interfaces for integrating a GPS allowing the sensor to use GPS time stamps for the data rather than relying on the PC to supply this information.
  • Note: The GridTrak sensor measures only one phase by using a simple 9-12V AC/AC wall-wart style transformer
  • Proof of concept, first prototype

The top, larger, prototype is the GridTrak PMU. The bottom, smaller, circuit is micro controller generating a variable width (e.g.5ms) PPS pulse using the micro controller's PWM output.
GT PMU Prototype.jpg

  • Assembled production GridTrak PMU Model A Sensor

Kits to build the GridTrak PMU Model A - Contact the author for project status and availability.
GridTrak PMU Model A Assembly.jpg
Kit Note 1: The GridTrak PMU Model A Sensor kit does not include a GPS unit or RS232 cable.
Kit Note 2: The GridTrak PMU Model A Sensor is for research and development only.

GridTrak Web Application (Under Construction)

Screen Shots

Updated July 22, 2010

Live Chart

  • Web LiveChart.jpg

Sensor Management

  • Web SensorManagement.jpg

GridTrak Software

Screen Shots

Live Display

Updated Nov 3, 2010
GridTrakPMU Live Screenshot.png

Note: The following screen shots are now obsolete. They were a "first draft". The next version includes mutliple sensors in the displays.

Historic Data Viewer

June 14, 2010
GTMgr HistoryDisplay Screen.jpg

Time Source Configuration

May 27, 2010
GTMgr TimeSource Config Screen.jpg

Sensor Terminal Screen Shot

May 27, 2010

 Data Columns
   UTC Time Stamp formatted as: MM/dd/yy HH:mm:ss.fff
   Mode:  "P"=Phase, "Hz"=Frequency, "*"=Sampled on PPS, "-"=Self Timed Interval
   Sample ID# as a 32bit unsigned integer
   Frequency (Hz) * 10000
   Amplitude (volts) * 1000
   Phase Angle (degrees) * 1000

GTMgr SensorTerminal Screen.jpg

PMU Manager Screen Shot

June 14, 2010

GTMgr PMU Mgr Screen.jpg
Note: The GridTrak software only requires a GridTrak Server Account if the operator wants to upload data to the GridTrak Server or access public PMU data from the GridTrak Server. The GridTrak software will not upload credentials to the GridTrak Server and GridTrak users are discouraged from saving security related information in their GridTrak on-line profiles.

For More Information

  • For more information about the GridTrak project contact Arnold Stadlin
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